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If the above fixes don’t resolve your problem, perform the following troubleshooting methods to fix ‘restart to repair drive errors.’ But before that, boot your PC in Safe Mode. The first and the basic step is to restart your system. Sometimes, rebooting your system can fix ‘Restart to repair drive errors’.

Ifany other program has a file open on the disk, it’s considered to be “in use”, and Chkdsk can’t get the exclusive access it needs. If you’ve fixed the “Operating System not found” error, Windows should start normally when you reboot. Exit Command Prompt and choose Continue to try starting the operating system. If you’re still seeing the “Operating System not found” error, revert this setting back to what it was and continue with the next suggestion below.

  • How to update Windows Store applications in Windows 8.1.
  • When a file is located on a network, there are a lot of permissions involved like edit, copy, paste, modify etc. and an import error can arise due to incorrect permissions.
  • After you have run the assign letter X command note that diskpart responds with a message stating the desired assignment was completed.
  • If CHKDEK can run this process normally, you can try again reading your external hard drive after restarting your computer.

Then turn off and on the computer to have a check. At the next reboot, the system will automatically perform a disk check using the chkdsk utility. DiskInternals Partition Recovery remains the best backup and data recovery tool for Windows users.

Use Third-party Applications

Thereinafter, we will tell you what to do in case of this trouble. Blue Screen error, also called STOP error, occurs when a serious problem leads Windows to shut down or restart without warning. It ceases and the resulting diagnostic information is displayed in white text on a blue screen. And you may notice an error message saying “Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.” Windows 8 Blue Screen error can result from both hardware and software problems. And you can try the following methods to fix this popular Windows 8 error. “A disk read error occurred” is a common error that you can encounter and it indicates that Windows detects a hard disk problem or the process of reading hard disk goes wrong.

A registry cleaner might theoretically help shrink the size of the registry enough to make the computer perform faster. No legitimate benchmarks showing a performance increase as a result of a registry cleaner have ever been released. If a registry cleaner offered boosted performance, we would have some benchmarks by now.

If you want to take one of your drives offline, you can unmount it. In Windows, mounting and unmounting a volume is accomplished by changing the volume’s drive letter assignment. Insert your W7/Vista installation disc into the CD/DVD drive and restart your computer. At the prompt type remove letter x to remove the previously assigned drive letter.

Method 5: Run System File Checker Tool

If there are bad sectors on your hard drive or the drive is infected with malware, you may encounter such an error. Running CHKDSK utility may help you fix the error. Before preforming any of the troubleshooting methods to fix the error, you need to secure your data. But, when Windows is throwing error, how to recover data after restart to repair drive errors on Windows PCs? Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool will help you in achieving this. The tool will scan your drive and extracts your files from your Windows PCs.

If you’re having problems with corrupt registry on Windows, you can always clean it by opening the Registry Editor and manually deleting the problematic keys. Also, keep in mind that some registry entries that are still in use can get damaged, and a third-party software can sometimes fix them, so there is one advantage of using this method. We all know that in order to keep our Windows 10 computers running smooth and fast, we have to do regular maintenance and clean the files that are left from old software installations.

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