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April 1, 2021
Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Ridgeland
Tankless Water Heaters Maintenance
April 20, 2021
Water Heater Repair Ridgeland

A water heater is an essential appliance in contemporary homes. If you are living in a cold area, then this becomes all the more essential. Whenever you are encountering any issues, you might feel a water heater should be replaced immediately. However, before going for a replacement, consider a repair as this is a wise choice.

The issue could be minor like a leakage or a major one like the heating element going bizarre. A quick repair may be a quick fix to your water heater. In this article, you will understand the costs involved in a water heater repair. This will help you to determine whether you can consider a repair or a replacement.

The average cost of a water heater repair

The average cost of a water heater repair is around 483 dollars to 501 dollars, depending on the location. Most of the repairs cost you between 244 dollars and 576 dollars to fix water heaters. The final price for fixing the water heater depends on the type, age, and water heater issue.

It varies if there are any extra repairs of plumbing, natural gas supply, or electrical system. It is always recommended to get the water heater repair done by a trained, licensed, and experienced professional water heater repair Ridgeland MS.

How do I know that my water heater needs repair?

Water Heater Troubleshooting

It is essential to understand that no water heater lasts forever. There is always a point where it can break down. But how do you determine when it needs a repair or go for a replacement? This is where some troubleshooting of the water heater tank is needed.

Troubleshooting process

Water Tank

  • Leaks – Inspect if there are any leaks. This can be checked if there is water over the walls or on the floor. It is best not to step or touch it. Before heading to call an emergency service or a repairman, switch off the power points and all house breakers to prevent any electricity passage.


  • No leaks – When there is no leakage indication, check for the fuse box or the power circuit breakers. When all is fine here, head for the control panel. Any indication of water within the pane, leave it like that and head to call the repairman right away.


  • Reset – When the compartment is dry, set the button to reset. With the clicking of this button, the power could be restored. Your water heater is ready to operate. However, if it is not working back normally, then head to call the repair. Also, tripping is an early warning for equipment service. Get service at the earliest.

Water Heater

If it is a gas supply heating the water, the issues could be dangerous and tricky. However, they are less pricey and more efficient. Check if the gas supply is on and the pilot light. Turn the control knob to the pilot and remove the metallic plate to check if the pilot light is lit.

When the water heater isn’t lit, light it. If you are not, a professional can help. If the pilot light is off, then turn down the gas valve right away. Open the windows and ventilate to avoid any buildup of gas inside.

Repair or Replace?

Water Heater Issues Fix

Repair or replace depends totally on the following factors:

  • Mineral levels in your supply of water
  • The amount of water you use for heating
  • Type of water heater

Deciding repair or replacement can be done based on:

Utility costs – A typical heater usually lasts from 10 years to 20 years. Today the water heating units are much efficient in utilizing energy. Considering the utility costs and what you save, you might consider repair or replacement of the unit.

Type of issue – Professional repair can be less pricey as compared to the replacement of the unit. It could save you some money in the long run. You will have to approach a licensed professional with the right knowledge and experience for the job. There are specialized tools to do the job precisely and safely.

Professional handling – Dip tube change, heating component change, sediment accumulation, scaling, gas repair work, corrosion of anode rod, residue buildup, or overheating will need professional handling.

Costs involved – Depending on the above 3 factors, the costs vary. This is where you can decide whether to go ahead with repair or replacement. Get expert advice and maybe from 2 to 3 professional repairmen to finalize your decision.

The average cost of repair, as mentioned above, is about 483 dollars to 501 dollars. The majority of the homeowners spend around 203 dollars to 800 dollars for a single repair.

Some of the common water heater repair services

Professional Water Heater Replacement Services in Ridgeland MS

Broken ignitor replacement

The boiler has an ignitor that gives the initial heat or spark for fuel ignition like gas, oil, or propane. The fuel burns on the ignition to produce heat. When the ignitor isn’t igniting anymore, there’s no heat generated.

Mineral deposits elimination

Heating hard water results in a build-up of limescale in boiler tank walls. This limits the heat transfer resulting in overheating of the system. The boiler container’s base can settle with sediments lowering the tank space for storing water. This interferes with regulators of the tank pressure. Sediments have to be flushed for normal heating.

Expansion tank replacement

When your boiler is leaking or overheating, the expansion tank may need a replacement as the water is more than sufficient.

Circulator pump replacement

Circulator pumps push the heated water through radiators and then through pipes for warming your house. When there is a defect in the circulator pump, the heating is not done.

Fixing pipe leakage

Boiler unit pipes can leak and minimize the efficiency of the heating system. It can also cease heater operation. Leaks damage your house, and fixing them right away is essential.


Climate King provides licensed, experienced, and professional experts in handling all the water heater repairs efficiently. The repairmen ensure the possibility of a repair or suggest you the best options for repair. The professionals service and maintain the equipment. The services are reliable and affordable.

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