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February 17, 2021
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February 25, 2021
Furnace Maintenance in Ridgeland MS

How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

In the winter months when the temperature drops, everyone wants to feel cozy and warm in their houses. The best way to enjoy that is by switching on the furnace. The furnace is not only responsible for heating the indoor keeping you warm but also it helps in improving the indoor air quality. 

Of course, you will expect your furnace to start working as soon as the winter arrives with a push of the button. Though this furnace is a great piece of technology, it does need some basic maintenance to get going. You can contact the best service for furnace maintenance in Ridgeland MS.

The main part of the furnace’s functionality is its filter and you have to regularly keep on cleaning it and change it with a new one. However, the main question is – how often you must change these filters of your furnace? To know more about this, read on.

How often the filters must be changed?

Ask any professional HVAC service and they will suggest you change the furnace filter at regular intervals. Replacement of the filters can help your furnace to function properly and keep on heating and purifying your indoor air seamlessly. As the indoor air can contain pollutants such as pet dander, hair, dust, and smoke, these can get stuck in the filters of the furnace.

You must make sure to clean the filter to ensure that these pollutants and dust are removed properly. Though cleaning is essential, it is not enough for maintenance. You must make sure that you are changing the filters every 3 months at the most. It is crucial to ensure that the furnace is working properly and functioning in the right way.

Importance of changing the furnace filter

Now, when you know how often you should replace or change the furnace filter in Ridgeland MS, it is time to know why it is important. Here are some of the reasons why you must consider changing the filters of your furnace from time to time:

To increase the efficiency of the furnace

Who doesn’t want to increase the efficiency of the furnace? Well, of course, you too will want to. Changing the filter can help you to increase the efficiency of the furnace by almost 15%. According to the reports of the U.S Department of energy, changing the furnace filter at the right time can improve the efficiency of the furnace in a significant way. This is because the dirt on the filter will not cause any hindrance in the steady flow of warm air.

Clean and high-quality indoor air

Fresh Indoor Air

The main function of the filter is to strain out all the dirt, dust, and allergens from the air. This allows you to inhale fresh air and improve your indoor air quality. But when the filters get dirty, they will not be able to strain the air properly. When the air passes through these dirty filters it can carry a lot of microscopic germs and allergens which can hurt the health. 

Hence, it is very important to ensure that you are changing or replacing the filters from time to time.

Increases the lifespan

When the filters get dirty, they can clog the air. The clogged air filters can efficiently reduce the lifespan of the furnace. Regular maintenance and changing of the furnace filters can help you to add some years to the appliance. As the dirt and dust get accumulated, the air cannot pass through the filter properly. This makes the system run more vigorously resulting in overheating. The overheating of the appliances can result in quick failure.

Saves a lot on the energy bill

Energy-Efficient Furnace

According to the U.S Department of Energy, average households spend almost $2000 every year on energy bills. If you ensure that you are changing the furnace filters on time, it can save about 5% to 15% of the money on your energy bill. When your filters are properly maintained and new, the machine will function more efficiently than ever. 

The efficiency of the furnace will help to heat up the indoor air faster and quicker. Hence, you don’t have to let the appliance run for a longer time to heat up the room. This can help you in saving a lot of bucks on your energy bill.

Why call a professional?

When it comes to furnace maintenance in Ridgeland MS, it is always better to call for professional help. There is no better solution than to hire an experienced expert and get a complete analysis of your system. The furnace maintenance expert or team will not only help you to change the filter but will also check the entire system. 

This will help you to be confident and be sure that your furnace is at its best. This will also improve the performance of the furnace.

Calling the best experts can ensure the best service. This includes regular maintenance of the furnace such as inspections, repairs, cleanings, and more. This will help you to have complete peace of mind that your furnace is properly cleaned and is perfectly safe to use. It is not possible for you to analyze the system and find out the faults or to repair. 

It is always better to leave these tasks to the professionals who can help you to have a thorough checkup of the furnace. All you have to do is to check their credibility, license, experience, background, and quality of the work before you hire them.

Call an expert today!

From the above, it is quite evident that you will need to replace the furnace filter from time to time. It must be done at least every 3 months. But you must clean the filters once or twice every month to ensure better efficiency, clean air, and better indoor air quality. 

For your furnace cleaning and maintenance, call the most reliable and experienced service for furnace maintenance in Ridgeland MS. A team of licensed and experienced HVAC experts with specialization in furnace maintenance will attend to solve your issues. Get the much-needed peace of mind and save a lot of money on your energy bills.

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