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How Often Should Your HVAC System Be Serviced?

When should you service your HVAC system? Do you need regular servicing to boost its efficiency and durability? When it comes to HVAC servicing, people give different views. When some do annual servicing, others ignore servicing until the system shows operating problems. You can boost efficiency with regular inspection. If you find something wrong, you can address the issue immediately. For example, if the filter is clogged, you can notice noise and inadequate cooling. In that condition, you can clean the filter and fix the issue fast. However, you can avoid this inconvenience with regular servicing.

During servicing, any expert such as HVAC service Jackson can find out the issue early and fix it fast without costing more. They will do a thorough inspection of all the components. You can consider servicing twice or once a year. You can also look for signs to know if early servicing is needed or not.

What Is HVAC Servicing?

As stated earlier, servicing is all about a close observation of your unit. You can take the example of your vehicle. What will happen if you will not service your vehicle? It will start showing problems. The same can happen with your HVAC unit. Your system will not offer the desired coolness. The condenser coil, filter, and refrigerant might show problems. When the condition is irreparable, you will have to spend much more on the replacement.

The technician might suggest you replace the filter. They can clean the filter, condenser coil, heat pump, and other components. All these will boost the efficiency of your HVAC unit.

When Should You Service Your HVAC System?

Experienced Air Maintenance Services

You will have to consider your HVAC system servicing by professionals every year. However, if you have a heat pump system, you might need servicing twice a year. The standard systems will need servicing once a year. If you avoid servicing, you might not notice much difference initially. Your system will work fine. The cooling will be the same. Even if some minor difference is there, you will not be able to notice it. However, your utility bills will start to increase gradually. The system will start to pollute your indoor air. The noise will be disturbing, and the cooling will not help much to create a comfortable environment in summer.

You might be thinking that you can consider servicing when the issues are present. Yes, you can do that. However, you are going to spend much more. You will notice all the issues when the running ability of your unit will be compromised. Therefore, you can consider regular servicing to avoid a costly replacement.

What Should You Expect from Technicians During Servicing?

Skilled HVAC Service Technician

First, they will inspect your unit to find out any damage. If some damage is there, technicians will fix it. Otherwise, they will do some regular cleaning to avoid any inconvenience between the servicing periods. You can also expect the following.

  • Clean or Replace Filters

In most cases, they will clean the filter. However, if the filter is not working fine, they might consider replacing it. The filter of your HVAC system needs regular maintenance. It will keep your system clean. When the filter cannot filter out the dirt and dust, you might hear some noise while running your unit. Also, a dirty filter might affect the cooling ability of the unit. Dirty filters can pollute indoor air as well. Therefore, they might replace the filter while servicing.

  • Inspection of Heating System

Technicians will check the boiler or furnace. They will check the interior and exterior units. If they find something that needs repair, they will do it immediately. They will check the electrical system, ventilation, thermostat, switches, ignition, motors, and other components.

  • Inspection of the Cooling System

They will inspect the cooling system to make sure that all the components are in good condition. They will inspect both internal and external parts such as motors, coolant, and belts. They will replace or repair any damaged part.

An HVAC system needs servicing once or twice a year, depending on the type. HVAC service Jackson understands different types of HVAC systems and their maintenance requirements. The skilled and experienced technicians can offer fast servicing. They can help you to maintain your indoor air throughout the year.

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